Saturday, October 15, 2005

Generational Yom Kippur

Thanks to those who took an interest in me and welcomed me to the J-blogging world. I'm not sure where to begin right now, seeing as how I'm so uninspired, so I'll just tell you a bit about my Yom Kippur. We went to an old-age-home to help make the minyan and stuff. Also, my husband pointed out that it would probably be better for me since the davening wouldn't take as long, and we would be staying in a room there, which is much closer than our house to shul. This way, I would be able to stay in or near shul while still taking care of the baby. So, that's what we did, and it turned out to be a big success. The only bad part was that I think the veggies I brought for the baby went bad, and I fed them to her anyway. But that's no biggie. So all in all it was a big success. I got in 5 (!!!!!!) Shmone Esrei's, which was a lot more than I expected for this Yom Kippur, being my first as a mom. I'm not able to concentrate very well, or to feel "connected", but hey, I take whatever small successes I can get. And I was happy that we brough the baby to the home. She's so friendly, and all the elderly people just loved her - they all sat in a row waving and waiting for her to wave back. They also loved seeing how she is learning to walk, and walks quite well if I hold her hands. It was a good experience for all of us, and I'm happy we went.


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