Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Little Miracle

My one-year-old daughter is the biggest miracle I have ever seen. She fell off my bed once, and didn't even get a scratch... She jumped out of her crib once, and didn't get one bruise or anything. And today, something that I think I've been dreading happened. I was walking down some stairs on the way to my husband's office with her. I had the stroller tilted up and balanced on the back wheels to bump her down the stairs. Anyway, at the landings I always put the front wheels down and go down the last step front first. So, at one of the landings I did that, and the stroller got caught on some uneven ground, causing me to lose my balance completely and fall forward with the stroller. I don't even know if she bumped her head or not because I just lifted up the stroller and she was still in it - tied into her seatbelt. Thank G-d, she was buckled in, or her whole face could have been scratched up... or she could have fared even worse, G-d forbid. She started screaming and wouldn't even take her bottle when I offered it - which usually calms her down, but once we got into my husband's office (this happened basically right outside of the office), she saw him and became her usual cheerful self again. I didn't even notice until much later that I had some aches and pains from this. I just cried and cried - I'm so nervous about dropping her, or her falling or things like that, and it happened. It could have been much much worse - and I'm not going to enumerate how, but it just could have been... It's such a miracle that she's made it until now with such a mother... She'hecheyanu V'kiyimanu V'higiyanu Lazman HaZeh...


At 7:43 PM, Blogger The real me said...

Dave Barry writes that kids dont have problems with falling and the like because they still havent learnt about gravity in school :-)

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