Sunday, October 07, 2007

Everything is Good

The other day, I called a friend of mine just to say hi. Just to let her know that everything is good. We hadn't spoken in a while with the chagim and everything, so I decided to call her up and say hello. What I told her was that I often call people when I'm in a crisis situation, so I wanted to call her when I wasn't in that situation. I wanted to call her and say, "I value you as a person, and that's why we're friends. It's not because you help me out when I fall apart. It's because you are you and I like who you are." I told her that maybe later, I will have a crisis, but for the moment, everything is good. And I feel like doing that for my blog too. I was about to start on a post that was another complaint, just like all the other ones about how I don't want to change or how life is dragging me down or something like that. But then I thought to myself that life is good. I have wonderful moments where I feel that everything is as it should be - my life is full. And there is no reason not to share that with whoever might be out there reading this. So know, I like you and that's why I want you around. Not because of how I can lean on you, but for who you are...


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