Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream"

Last night, I dreamed about words. I dreamed about the best way of saying/writing what I thought. I dreamed of the images invoked by these words. I dreamed that my words were out there, rather than in here... And I woke up so happy.

I know that it's because I spent a ridiculous amount of time reading yesterday, and that the book I was reading is written in a certain sort of way that twists language into something beautiful. But, nonetheless, even though I could not remember any of the words in my dream, nor how they fit together so wonderfully, I still feel like I'm back in the groove a bit.

My writer's unblocking plan hasn't been as successful as I would like - I haven't been taking that half hour every day, only a few times, and it was very forced - but I'm committed to sticking with it and making myself find those beautiful words from my dream, and recording them on paper...


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