Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No excuses.

My plan is to blog at least once a week. I want to keep this going, and I want to keep up the connection with all of you...if you're still there. It's part of the process of getting my life together. A close friend recently told me that I should stop reading blogs, and I had a bit of a falling out with my husband about the blog. So, I put it on hiatus for a bit...just until I decided what I really wanted to do. And I decided. There are so many great blogs out there, written by so many great people, and I want to be a part of it. I was beginning to be, so I know I can be. I've made my profile private, so you can't link to me from elsewhere, which may lessen the number of people who find their way here. But that's what I need to do right now. I made a big mistake a while ago, and that is how I have to rectify it. Maybe in the future I will decide differently, but for now, that's the plan. Happy reading, and tomorrow, God willing, I will put up the answers to that meme that Elie tagged me for about 4 months ago. It's all part of the plan.


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