Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

There are so many things I should write about, but I'm just not focused at the mo. I got the job and then lost it (good riddance!)...and am looking again.

Why do things have to come in extremes? Is it just me? Maybe I'm just an extreme type of person...

There are so few things that I really KNOW about myself - do I try and find more, or just let them come to me?

Today, and old and dear friend told me that "we always looked up to you as the poet. You were deep and sensitive, and you were you - even if you weren't loud about it...". That's really sweet. It made me feel good and bad at the same time. Good because it's nice to know that my friends thought something so nice about ME. And bad because I'm not those things anymore. I've become two-dimensional, and I'm trying too hard to be everything that I think I should be instead of everything I really am inside.

People always talk about finding the treasure in your backyard, but you still have to find it - meaning, the yard is big and you still have to hunt... I guess that being aware of where the treasure is is a good start, but unearthing it is still a task...

Is everything in life difficult? Is it wrong to expect/want things to be easy?